Thirteen Dogs and Six Puppies Are Left Behind on Their Own

There are some individuals who just don’t care about leaving their animals behind when they opt to relocate, but neighbors do care; take the following video, for example.


In this video, you’ll watch the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, a team that has been able to garner the attention of the public for the magnificent work that they have conducted in regards to saving animals that are left behind to suffer.
This team was called by a number of concerned individuals who had discovered six puppies and thirteen dogs left behind in their neighborhood. Detroit Pit Crew Dog new this was a case that required immediate action.

They were able to save the dogs from harm. That day, they stood at the house of one of the staff members. The next day, they were all taken to the veterinarian in order for them to be in good shape so that they could be put up for adoption.
Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue keeps saving the lives of many dogs. This video proofs the dedication that they put into doing so. Check it out, and don’t forget to rate it, and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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