Teen With Bone Cancer Gets Her Dying Wish And Sings With Florence + The Machine

The young teen in this video had a dream of going to a Florence + The Machine concert but sadly, her hopes were dashed when she became very ill with bone cancer. When Florence + The Machine learned about this young girl and her plight, they made it their mission to come to her and give her a concert right in her hospital room. This video features that beautiful moment.


Karinya Chen was only fifteen when she succumbed to her illness after a long six-year battle. Fans of Florence + The Machine will become even bigger fans when they see the generosity of this singer and her band. What an amazing moment this was for this young girl who gave the fight her all! You will not be able to believe the joy on her face, even though her body was wracked with pain. Enjoy this performance video and Please SHARE on Facebook to honor Karinya’s memory.

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