Staying 2 Weeks From Each Other Was Too Much For This Dog And Owner. What A Reunion!

Learning that your pet has disappeared is the worst news that any pet owner who truly loves his or her pet can hear. We bond with our pets like any other family member and that makes it difficult to learn that we will not be seeing them anymore. With the human-animal bonds, hardships such as time and distance can be endured and in the process a lot of surprised pulled off in the process.

When David Kareken who comes from North Carolina paid the Quetico Provincial Park a visit, none of him family members expected the worst. Their loved dog named Kali was swept away by the river. Despite witnessing the happening, the water was moving fast and that provided them with no chance of doing anything to rescue the poor dog. They believed it was impossible for Kali to survive the tragedy and were full of sadness as they left for home.


Two weeks down the line, Park officials called him and he learned that his dog had been rescued. To reunite with his dog, he had to stay behind the wheel for 20 hours.

You will clearly see how much they missed each other once you watch the clip below. Kindly watch and SHARE with your Family and friends!

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