These Robbers Get Some Street Justice When They Mess With The Wrong Store Clerks

During this very graphic video, you will see two men walk into a store. But these two guys are not there to do any shopping. Instead one of them pulls out a gun and attempts to rob the store. This attempted robbery goes wrong when the store clerks decided to fight back and protect themselves. The clerks start to attack the robbers and they beat them in the head.

They are able to get the gun away from one of the robbers and they strike them with objects that are laying around the store. One of the men seems to have gotten away but the other one is too far away from the door to escape.


The robber is beaten really badly and even when the police arrive on the scene he is still getting beat up. The police do not seem to mind that this robber is getting some really harsh street justice. Please make sure to SHARE this video with everyone on Facebook.


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