Police Officer Shakes it Off, Proves He’s Human

Dover Police were looking through their dashcams, cameras inside police cruisers, now jokingly referred to on Youtube as “Dashcam Confessionals”, and found this shocking video.

The Dover Police officer, and Taylor Swift superfan, Jeff Davis, is seen shaking it off in his police cruiser to the popstar’s new hit.

This video shows him lip-synching and dancing while driving, and proves that police officers are human to.

We all see police officers and do not really think that they do the things we do.


They are enforcers of the law, providing justice to whoever needs it.

But to see one of them let go and just have fun for once, it is refreshing.

This is certainly a video to be watched over and over again. It gives us a different perspective on them and lets us know, that they are human to.

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