This Pet Rat Really Loves To Play Peek-A-Boo With His Owner

This amazing video stars a girl and her pet rat. The rat who is very large seems to love to play with his owner and the two of them really get along well. But the game they are playing is not one you would expect. It seems that the rat’s owner has taught her furry friend how to play peek-a-boo! The pair lay on the floor as the girl hides her face from the rat. Then the rat tries to open her hands by nudging up against her.


This game is short, but it is very cute! The pet rat is able to get the girl to show her face and he acts excited to see her. Then the pair continues with the game as the video comes to an end. While we don’t get to see the end results of the game we do get to enjoy the two for a short period of time. Please make sure that this amazing pet video gets shared on your Facebook page.

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