Korean Police Officer Sings “Love Me For What I Am” By The Carpenters

This police officer has a voice that sounds just like Karen Carpenter! When she sings, “Love Me For What I Am”, you will not be able to believe how much they sound alike! As she sits on a break from her duty, she sings this beautiful song to touch the world. Her voice is so soothing, you will want to listen to the video over and over, just to hear the docile sounds she makes.


Her lovely voice is a truly a treasure to behold. Perhaps she is an old soul because her voice sounds so much more beautiful than the bubble gum pop of today! This woman deserves to be honored, not only for her talent but also because she risks her life each day for those in her community. If you think this woman sounds just like Karen, Please SHARE on Facebook so the entire world can enjoy her beautiful voice.

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