A Great Sign Of Things To Come!

Just when you start to lose confidence in the human condition a video pops up that restores faith in our fellow man or in this particular case, woman. A Great Sign Of Things To Come is a short video about a woman that takes her deaf daughter to a fast food restaurant chain in North Carolina. It would appear that the daughter only speaks in sign language, so the mother typically needs to order for her.


Needless to say the girl has never had a pleasant experience ordering food on her own. Well all of that happens to change during this trip to the local fast food joint. They were lucky enough to order from a cashier by the name of Taylor who responds to the girl in sign language. She was able to order her meal by herself for the first time, making both mother and daughter feel good about the experience. It is always nice to see people go out of their way for others. Please SHARE on Facebook.

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