Ever Seen A Selective dog? Well, You Can’t Beat This One In That Game!

There are a lot of things that dog owners discover with every moment they spend around their pets. For instance, you will notice that there are some things that they give a higher priority to compared to others. There are times when a dog will decide to lazy around and avoid to play with a kid from the neighborhood. They simply show some brilliance in their decisions!


The same kind of intelligence is being shown by the Collie you are about to meet in the clip below. As opposed to other dogs out there, his top priority is the family members. He has not time to relate with outsiders and that is what the differentiates him from the rest.

Within the clip, some treats are being offered to the dog. While that is being done, he is informed where every treat came from. One is from grandpa, another from mom and one from the dog-catcher. I was surprised when the dog picked the odd one out. It is clear that you have to mind your own business if you don’t belong to his “boat.” Not even a treat can make him change his mind.

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