DIY Sparkle Ball: The Perfect Project to Make Your Holidays Bright

When Christmas comes around, it’s always exciting to create some of your own special holiday decorations. That’s why this do-it-yourself Sparkle Ball is so awesome! You can set them out as accessories to a room, or you can hang them from the ceiling as a lighting element. Plus aside from being really beautiful when they’re plugged in, just about anyone can do this.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
String of 50 lights
50 – 9 oz. clear Solo cups
A drill
A drill bit that is the width of the lights you’ll be feeding through the holes
Clothes pins
A special stapler (P35, long-neck stapler)


You must begin with 12 cups, then staple them in a row as close to the bottom as possible. You then do the same thing with the next row, but with only 9 cups. Next, place the two rows together with 3-4 clothes pins to hold them in place, and staple the rows together. Then, follow with stapling 4 individual cups to fill in the gaps. Boom! You have the first half ready for lights.

Once the second half is complete and you’re ready to thread the lights, be sure you begin with the end of the light wire, and on the outside row of the ball. This allows you to have enough at the end to be able to plug into an electrical outlet without disturbing the shape of the ball itself. If this sounds a little confusing, it’s really not. When you watch the video you will see just how simple this is, and you will want all your friends to learn how to do this, too. Don’t forget, the lights don’t have to be white. You can make a sparkle ball of any color – the only limit is your imagination. Watch the video to see how this DIY project is done, then please SHARE on Facebook.

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