Stray Dogs Refuse to Be Rescued Until They Realize They’re Going Together


For Lois and Clark, life was hard. They were homeless and with no other family members. The two dogs lived in a truck yard in a neighborhood. However, they were good dogs and people love them. People would feed the two cool beings whenever they had something to share, but no one was in a position to adopt them. The dogs lived alone. Although they were getting fed, life was still hard out there in the cold with no home to call their home.

One day, someone came across the two dogs and decided to place a call to Hope For Paws and tell the rescuers about Lois and Clark. The rescuers rushed to the scene to take the two to safety. They spotted Lois and Clark hiding under a truck, scared of what might happened to them next. But the rescuers are trained, gentle people. They managed to rescue the two and carry them off to a better place. That’s nice!

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