Retired Man Takes On The Water Bottle Flip Challenge And The Results Are Epic!


The man in this video saw others trying the water bottle flip challenge so he decided to try it out for himself. He knew that he had just as much skill as the younger crowd and he wanted to prove it. He may not be a young whippersnapper like he once was but he can sure do the bottle flip challenge with ease! Not only does he perform each flip with perfection, he also dabs with each success.

This cool dude has it going on and is shocking the younger crowds with his seemingly effortless water bottle flips. He knows just how to move the bottle and what to do to make each flip stick in the most epic way possible. This guy has it going on and he wants the whole wide world to know it! When you see him in action in this video, you will wonder how he makes it look so easy. Watch the fun and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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