A Passionate and Powerful Zebra Manages to Get Away From Two Crocodiles


Zebras are herbivorous animals, which are often thought of as docile creatures. However, they can be as aggressive as all predators, especially when they are engaged with defending themselves from those very predators. This zebra starts off the video with a leg caught on the jaws of a crocodile. Another crocodile appears on the scene, and it is clear that the zebra will be eaten by both of them after failing to escape.

The zebra struggles, biting at the crocodile’s back in the process and struggling. The zebra has three other free legs, which constitutes an advantage. The crocodile seems to bite tighter the more the zebra struggles, causing the skin to become more torn and bloody.

However, after a long ordeal, the zebra escapes and runs far away from the water, even with a bloodied, wounded leg. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is an interesting struggle for survival.

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