Neighbors Perform Unique and Unexpected Acts of Kindness for a Leukemia Patient


The ways in which people can offer support and assistance to individuals that have become sick is often very inspiring. Illnesses can present unexpected challenges, which can require unexpected solutions. In this video, neighbors help their ailing friend by setting up chairs around the neighborhood.

The chairs were more or less set up to act as park benches for their friend, who had been having trouble walking as a result of his leukemia. He had enjoyed walking his pets around the neighborhood for years, and he didn’t want to give that up just because he had been suffering with leukemia. He didn’t ask for them to set up the chairs: they just simply noticed that he’d been walking funny, and they decided to intervene. The neighbors were just being completely attentive and selfless, which made all the difference for the patient. People on Facebook will be sure to find this video heartwarming.


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