Mom-To-Be Refuses To Stop Dancing At Nine Months Pregnant


This mom-to-be loves dancing hip-hop and she is not going to let her ginormous belly stop her! Even at nine months pregnant, she continues to dance four to five hours a day. While her critics tell her it is time to stop, her doctors say she is doing great and to keep it up. Experts agree staying active during pregnancy will make for a much easier delivery. This baby gets to rock out each and every day in this video.

Seeing this video seems to produce mixed reactions. In some cases, people are all for the exercise she is getting while others fear it is a danger to her developing baby. No matter which side you are on, you will have to admit this woman has the moves, regardless of her ever-expanding belly! This is a dance video you simply have got to see to believe. Check out this pregnant woman’s moves and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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