Little Boy Brings Home An Unwanted Souvenir After A Trip To Costa Rica


The family in this video had been planning their trip to Costa Rica for months. During their summer trip, they had a blast and made memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, they also brought home an unexpected and unwanted souvenir. When the little boy started complaining about a bump on his head, they took him to his doctor who thought it was infected. Unfortunately, this diagnosis was not correct.

This little boy had a bot fly larvae living inside his scalp! When his parents saw something moving in the bump in his head, they rushed him to the hospital where the discovery was made. Thankfully, the larva was removed and the little boy is doing fine. You must watch this video so you can see their story. This little boy handled it very well and has a bag with the dead larva inside. After you enjoy this video, Please SHARE with your friends to creep them out.

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