This Super Cute Pooch Knows To Say Grace Just Like A Human!


In this video you will find a rescue dog that is being filmed by his owner. The pup whose name is Djaingo is a rescue dog that was saved from an abusive home by a disabled veteran. In this clip, Djaingo is just waking up from a nap and he is very hungry. His owner calls him in to the living room and the dog barks when his owner ask if he is ready to eat.

The dog’s owner tells the canine that he first must say grace before eating. So Djaingo gets close to his owner and bows his head covering his eyes with the mans leg. Then the owner starts to pray and the dog waits until the prayer is over with. This is amazing to watch and you too will be blown away by it. After the prayer is over with, the man allows the dog to go eat and the pooch runs to the kitchen.

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