Hilarious Prank Sends Granny Catapulting Into the Back of a Trash Truck


In this video, you get to witness a hilarious prank that may have gone just a bit too far! When granny asks for help in pushing her trash can to the trash collector, the victim of the prank has no idea what is about to happen. As they are walking away, they hear a scream and turn around just in time to see granny being dumped in the back of the trash truck! Can you imagine having this happen to you?

This video is shocking and funny at the same time. When you see the looks on the faces of those who are being pranked, you will not be able to help but laugh. These poor victims fall for the prank hook, line, and sinker and find themselves desperate to help poor old granny out of the trash truck. Watch this video for a good laugh and then make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook!

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