Heat Hacks for Winter: The Flower Pot Heater You Won’t Want to Put Away


Sometimes the thought of heating your home for winter can really get you down. But, for those who tend to stick to one or two rooms in your house, did you know that you could heat those rooms at a cost of just 4 cents an hour? You can… and all you really is a couple ceramic flower pots, some tea light candles, and a few other basic supplies to complete the project, as shown in this handy little life-hack video.
Flower pot heaters aren’t anything new, but making an efficient one that can heat your room over and over again – and save you money – is a little more challenging. For instance, variations of these that don’t work well are those that sit on bread tins, not just because they can heat up and ruin your furniture, but they’re not attractive either. In this video, however, you can make a flower pot heater – great for sitting on a desk when you need just a little extra ambient heat – that won’t make you feel as if you need to put it away after every time you use it. Here’s what you’re looking at for supplies:
1 – 6 in. pot, and base
1 – 5 inch pot
A link of chain (odd number of links)
14 – ½ inch nuts
11 – ½ inch washers

A threaded rod (you may have to cut with a hack saw

There is a lot that can be said for these types of heaters, and the adjustable base height with this particular one allows for less heat loss from the source, the ability to put different sizes of candles in with ease, and avoiding damage to whatever object the candle-holding portion might be sitting on (usually furniture). These may not be for everyone, but the video is certainly worth watching – and please SHARE this crafty little heat hack on Facebook.

Ben Galt

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