Drone Shows An Abandoned Russian Factory In Chilling Detail


This video features aerial footage that was captured by a drone. This factory was once a booming part of the community and offered jobs to many. Now, it sits as a rotting wasteland, uninhabited and unuseful. Seeing this abandoned factory is rather chilling and not just because the scenery is snowy. As you look among the wreckage that was once so full of life, you will almost be able to feel the lives that once worked there!

It is amazing to see the footage of this factory and all of its components just sitting and wasting away! There is absolutely no movement now at the factory and much of it has been damaged or torn apart and disassembled. It is quite daunting to look at the factory and imagine what it must have once been like. You will truly enjoy watching this video, especially if you enjoy looking at old buildings. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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