Dog Nearly Loses His Life When Racing Car Comes Too Close For Comfort


This video shows a dog coming incredibly close to losing his life. As he is walking along, minding his own business down a vacant dirt road, the crowd suddenly looks towards him. Before you know it, a race car comes flying around the bend and almost hits the dog. Thankfully, the driver was able to maneuver a fantastic move that allowed him to jump right over the dog, missing him by inches. This is a video you have got to see to believe!

It is amazing to see this action unfold. It is truly a miracle this poor dog did not get run over. Instead, he continued running along as if nothing happened. Obviously, he did not realize how close he came to losing his life! Hopefully, he will stay out of the road during races from now on. If you think this dog was saved by a miracle, Please SHARE on Facebook.


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