Celine Dion Gives a Soulful Rendition of the Song All By Myself Following Her Husband’s Death


Celine Dion is known for her mournful romantic ballads, but in this case, the personal context that she brings to the song will only make the entire experience that much more emotional. Celine Dion’s husband died only around a month before this video was published.

She’s doing a rendition of the classic song All By Myself, which is normally a song that people associate with being single. In this case, the song is going to be about being a widow, which is a very different experience. Celine Dion manages to bring the appropriate pathos to the song, giving it an emotional timbre that is going to be lacking in most other performances. People should please SHARE┬áthis video on Facebook, since it is certainly going to appeal to Celine Dion’s multitudes of fans, and this is a song that people will be able to relate to on many different personal levels.

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